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Banners: Left-side Ribbon

Slide Content

The slide provides a template for creating banners with a left-side ribbon design, useful for highlighting information or categorizing topics within a presentation. The template includes an opportunity to flip the ribbon to the other side, accommodating the layout based on content positioning. The slide is titled "Banners: Left-side Ribbon" and indicates spaces where the text can be customized to fit the user's needs. Each banner ribbon suggests a visually distinct way to separate text or to label different sections in a presentation.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is plain white, ensuring that the content stands out.
  • The title "Banners: Left-side Ribbon" is written in a large, bold, and dark font at the top.
  • Multiple ribbon banners of varying lengths are arranged in a column on the left-hand side, with one mirrored on the right side to show the flip option.
  • Each ribbon banner is teal, with a darker shade on the left edge, creating a sense of depth.
  • Certain ribbon banners contain placeholder text "Your text here" in contrasting white to signify where customization is possible.
  • Arrows are used to indicate the direction in which the banners point and the possibility to flip them.
  • Darker teal rectangles represent the base of each ribbon.

The overall look is clean and modern, with emphasis on the teal ribbons which are designed to draw attention to key information. The slide uses color contrast effectively, with teal against white, and provides a clear visual hierarchy.

Use Cases

  • To introduce or outline different sections within a presentation, with each ribbon serving as a section header.
  • For comparative layouts showing two sides of an argument or different viewpoints, with the flipped ribbon indicating the contrast.
  • In marketing presentations to highlight unique selling points or special offers distinctively.
  • For organizing content in educational or training presentations, where the ribbons can signify different modules or topics.

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