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Section side navigation bars for 6 items
from deck Agenda Section Indicator Flat Progress Bars (PPT Template)

Section Side Navigation Bars – All Combinations of 6 Items

Slide Content

The slide demonstrates different combinations of section side navigation bars showing all possible active states for a set of six items. Each combination highlights one item as active, indicated by a distinct color, starting from the first to the sixth item. This visual representation can be helpful for displaying step-by-step processes, where each step is clearly identified as active when being discussed or presented, ensuring audience focus and understanding of the current point within a sequence.

Graphical Look

  • Six vertical columns each display a sequence of six navigation bars.
  • Each column highlights one navigation bar with a different vibrant color, indicating an active state (e.g., blue, green, orange).
  • The navigation bars are oval-shaped with numbers from 01 to 06, suggesting a progression or steps.
  • All inactive navigation bars are colored in a neutral grey, making the active colored bar stand out.
  • A light grey arrow pointing right is in the top-right area, suggesting to copy the needed set to a presentation slide.

The slide has a clean and modern design, with a well-organized layout that separates each combination of navigation bars for clarity. The use of vibrant colors against a neutral background effectively draws attention to the active navigation bar.

Use Cases

  • To present a step-by-step guide or a workflow in a business presentation, where each step needs to be clearly defined and highlighted.
  • In instructional or training materials to guide the audience through different phases of a process or task.
  • For project status updates, indicating which stage of the project is currently active or in focus.
  • During webinars or online tutorials to visually cue viewers about the current topic within a series of points or sections.

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