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Roadmap icons set: Rocket, Launch, Stars, New Feature, Target, Goal
from deck PowerPoint Roadmap Template for Product Strategy Presentation (PPT Tables)

Outline Icons for Roadmap Tables (extendable)

Slide Content

This slide presents a collection of vector icons designed for use in roadmap tables. Each icon symbolizes different components crucial for business and product roadmaps. The "Rocket/Launch" represents the start or launch of a new initiative. "Stars/New Feature" symbolizes the introduction or highlighting of new features. "Target/Goal" indicates the objectives or goals set by a project. "Tool/Fixing" conveys tools or repair actions necessary during a project. "Cogs/Process" refers to the workflows or processes in a project. "Checkmark/Approval" is synonymous with completion or approval within a roadmap. "Megaphone/Marketing" denotes announcements or marketing activities. "Laptop/Computer" signifies the technology or software tools used. "Mobile Phone" represents mobile technology or applications. Lastly, "Web" indicates web-related activities or components.

Graphical Look

  • The slide features a dark background with a lighter section at the top dedicated to the title.
  • A subset of icons is arranged in two rows of five, each with an accompanying label describing its function.
  • The icons are designed as line art and are monochromatic, matching the theme of the slide.
  • To the right, there's a prominently colored section labeled "Fully editable icons" with representative multicolored star icons indicating editability.
  • A circular highlight with three stars within signifies that more icons are available and to check the website for them, drawing attention to additional resources.
  • Icons represent common business and product development concepts in a stylized and simplified manner for easy recognition and aesthetic uniformity.

The slide has a professional, clean look with a mixture of greyscale vector icons and limited use of color for emphasis. The layout is balanced and designed for clarity, with easy-to-understand symbols for quick communication of ideas in a business context.

Use Cases

  • To visually enhance roadmap presentations by using icons to represent different stages or elements of a project.
  • In strategy meetings to communicate key activities and milestones in the project timeline.
  • Within marketing materials to illustrate the rollout of new features or campaigns.
  • For making internal company updates or reports more visually engaging and easier to interpret.

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