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Slide Content

This PowerPoint slide provides an overview of different types of roadmaps used in strategic planning and product development. The left column, titled "Roadmaps Examples", includes "Yearly Business Strategy Timeline," which delineates a high-level annual strategic plan. "Agile Product Release Roadmap" outlines the iterative, flexible schedule of product features. "Software Product Development Roadmap" maps the process from concept to market delivery. "App Software Product Roadmap" focuses on the pathway for mobile or desktop applications, and "Technology Roadmap" charts the evolution and integration of new technologies.

Graphical Look

  • The slide has a dark blue background with two distinct columns.
  • Each column is headed with a title inside a dark gray horizontal rectangle.
  • The column on the left is titled "Roadmaps Examples," and the one on the right is titled "Roadmap Blank Templates."
  • Each column contains a vertical series of staggered dark and light teal rectangles, each representing a different roadmap category.
  • The rectangles with category names are aligned alternately left and right to create a zigzag visual effect down the columns.
  • The font color of the category names is white, ensuring readability against the colored backgrounds.
  • On the right column, there's an "and more!" entry, suggesting that the list is not exhaustive.

The overall design is clean and modern, with a color scheme that implies trust and professionalism. The staggered alignment of the rectangles adds interest and guides the viewer’s eye down the list in a logical manner.

Use Cases

  • Presenting strategic planning options in a business or corporate meeting.
  • Showcasing the variety of roadmap templates available to a project team during a project kick-off.
  • Using in workshops or seminars focused on strategic development or project planning.
  • Offering a catalogue of planning tools to internal or external stakeholders during a planning session or review.

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