RICE Formula for Prioritization - Values and Measurements PPT
from deck RICE Prioritization Score Tables (PPT Template)

This slide presents the RICE formula for prioritization, by explaining the values and measurements of each of the RICE segments. For example, in the reach values, you can measure the score 1-100 000, like transactions per month, customers per quarter, etc. In the impact value, you can measure the score as 0.25 as a minimal impact, 0.5. low impact, 1 for minimum impact, 2 - for high impact, and 3 - for massive impact. You can use this metric to measure conversion rate, customer happiness, etc. In the confidence values, 50% would stand for low confidence, 80% for medium confidence, and 100% - for high confidence. The effort values could be measured with an example range of 1-20 (persons per day, persons per month, hours, etc).

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