Radar Arc Roadmap Chart – Yearly Timeline with Goal Template

Slide Content:

The slide is a roadmap chart that displays a yearly timeline, structured as a radar arc with various placeholders for text entries, indicating different milestones or goals. Each entry is associated with a year, marked as "20XX," suggesting a future timeline. The milestones are color-coded, with a legend explaining the meaning of each color. This template is designed to outline a strategic plan or project timeline with specific objectives.

Graphical Look:

  • A radial, grey grid pattern creates the arc of the roadmap, with concentric circles indicating the progression of time.
  • Color-coded rectangular labels in blue, purple, and green, each with a "Write your text here..." placeholder.
  • Four icons aligned with the arc: a handshake, a chess piece, a money bag, and a target, symbolizing different strategic elements or goals.
  • A vertical timeline on the right, connecting the present to future years, each marked as "20XX."
  • A color legend on the lower right, with squares matching the label colors and text "Color meaning."

The slide features a mix of business iconography and color-coded elements against a radial grey background, providing a visual framework for planning and strategy. The layout is clean and organized, with ample space for customization.

Use Cases:

This type of slide is ideal for business strategy sessions, project planning meetings, annual reviews, and presentations that require showcasing a timeline of objectives or strategic goals.

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