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Quotes on decarbonization: financial opportunity
from deck Climate Change Impacts & Business Actions (PPT Template)

Quotes on Decarbonization – Financial Opportunity

Slide Content

The slide presents a quote highlighting the financial potential of decarbonization, estimating a substantial financial opportunity ranging from $3 trillion to $10 trillion in earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT). It suggests that decarbonization is not only an environmental necessity but also an economic and humanitarian opportunity. The source of the quote is acknowledged as coming from a "Blue Paper" by Morgan Stanley Research, implying a reputable origin and contextualizing the financial emphasis on the subject.

Graphical Look

  • A quote block with large, green quotation marks at the top left of the slide.
  • The main quote text in a larger, bold font, and a citation in a smaller font beneath it.
  • Three circular icons with a yellow fill to the right of the quote, each depicting a light bulb, a gear, and a wind turbine.
  • Two sets of horizontal bar graphs in yellow, placed beneath each corresponding icon, visually representing statistics or data related to the icons above.
  • The slide uses a white background with green accents coordinating with the quote block.

The slide appears modern and clean, utilizing a strong contrast between the green and yellow elements on a white background. The use of icons next to the bar graphs provides a quick visual reference to the topics presumably discussed by the quote.

Use Cases

  • In a business presentation discussing environmental initiatives and their economic implications.
  • As part of an investment pitch to highlight the profitability of sustainable energy ventures.
  • During a corporate strategy meeting to underscore the potential financial gains from adopting green technologies.
  • In an academic or industry conference to emphasize the importance of decarbonization in economic planning.

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