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Circle quotation text box with quote on space
from deck Quotes in Presentations - creative quotation marks, boxes, bubbles (PPT template)


Slide Content

The slide presents a humorous quote attributed to Phillip Fry from the animated series "Futurama," which reads: "Space. It seems to go on and on forever. Then you get to the end, and a monkey starts throwing barrels at you." The quote uses the infinite nature of space as a setup for a joke, referencing the unexpected occurrence of a monkey throwing barrels, which is likely a nod to the classic video game "Donkey Kong."

Graphical Look

  • Background: a deep space scene with stars and nebulae, creating a celestial atmosphere.
  • Quote text: white font centered within an irregularly outlined circular shape, designed to highlight the text.
  • Quotation marks: large, stylized quotation marks framing the text, indicating that the text is a direct quote.
  • Attribution: smaller font below the quote, providing the source of the quote.

The overall look is evocative and fitting for the quote's content, with a cosmic background that complements the subject of space. The design elements like the quote bubble and the stylized quotation marks add a whimsical and graphical flair to the presentation.

Use Cases

  • Introducing a session on creativity and thinking outside the box in corporate training.
  • Breaking up a technical or scientific presentation with a bit of humor to maintain audience engagement.
  • Adding levity to a team meeting or presentation involving space, innovation, or games.
  • Kicking off a brainstorming session with a reminder of the endless possibilities akin to space.

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