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Quotation Flat Banners

Slide Content

The slide displays a collection of flat design banners and icons that can be utilized for highlighting quotations or key points in a presentation. There are three distinct banner shapes— a circular badge, a folded ribbon, and a rectangular banner—each providing a unique design for featuring text. Similarly, there are three editable icons in varying designs and colors, each with intricate border details suggesting customization for various presentation needs.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is predominantly white with a wide teal-colored bar on the top right corner carrying the text "Fully editable icons".
  • Below this bar, there are three icons on a dark gray background. These icons are circular with serrated edges and are colored white, orange, and green.
  • On the left side of the slide, there are three different banner shapes on a white background. They are in a dark purple color.
  • The banners include a starburst-style circular badge, a ribbon-banner with a folded effect, and a simpler elongated hexagonal shape.
  • There is also a longer rectangular banner that stretches across the bottom part of the slide.
  • Each shape and icon casts a subtle shadow, creating the illusion of a slight elevation above the slide's surface.

The slide offers a modern, flat design aesthetic with contrasting colors that draw attention to the icons and banners meant for customization. The overall look is clean, with a structured layout that emphasizes the elements used for quotations or highlights.

Use Cases

  • To showcase highlighted customer testimonials or feedback in business presentations.
  • As visual placeholders for important statistics or data points in reports or informational slides.
  • For drawing attention to featured quotes or key takeaways in training materials or educational content.
  • As part of a branding or marketing pitch, to visually emphasize unique selling points or slogans.

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