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Projects timeline table on a dark background with flat icons
from deck Web Analytics Report Charts (PPT Template)

Projects Timeline: Next Actions, Digital Marketing Campaigns Schedule

Slide Content

The slide features a monthly calendar for scheduling web development, SEO, sales, and online advertising activities. It contains four main categories: Web Development, Search Engine Optimization, Sales, and Advertising, each assigned with specific actions planned across different months of the year. Spaces labeled "Type short action name" are placeholders for specific tasks, suggesting that the slide is designed to be customized with details relevant to the user's own project timeline.

Graphical Look

  • The slide has a dark background that goes from top to bottom in a gradient from dark blue to black.
  • Each month is labeled along the top in white text within grey tabs that form part of a horizontal timeline.
  • There are four horizontal sections corresponding to different marketing activities, each labeled with a colored circle icon and white text.
  • The Web Development section is at the top, with a blue computer screen icon.
  • The Search Engine Optimization section has a teal magnifying glass icon.
  • The Sales section is represented by a yellow shopping cart icon.
  • The Advertising section has an orange bullhorn icon.
  • Action blocks are represented as colored rectangles that span specific months on the timeline.
  • Each rectangular block contains the placeholder text "Type short action name" in a smaller font.
  • The slide number "43" is subtly displayed in white at the top right corner.

The slide has a sleek, professional appearance with a clear color-coded system to categorize different types of actions by month. The color contrast between the dark background and the vibrant icons and text enhances readability and visual appeal.

Use Cases

  • To plan and present digital marketing strategies and campaigns over a 12-month period.
  • As a visual tracking tool for project managers to oversee the progress of web development, SEO, sales, and advertising tasks.
  • For meetings with marketing teams to assign responsibilities and deadlines for upcoming campaigns.
  • To be used in monthly or quarterly reviews to evaluate past activities and plan for future actions within a marketing department.

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