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from deck Industry icons: Production, Construction, Transportation (flat PPT clipart)

Production, construction & transport: Icon index for light background

Slide Content

The slide titled "Production, construction & transport: Icon index for light background" appears to be a visual index of icons categorizing various sectors within industry and transport. It includes sectors such as Production/Manufacturing, Construction Industry, Chemical Industry, Metalworking/Ironworks, Coal & Oil Fuel, Computer/Electronics, Household Goods/Home Appliances, Pharmacy/Medicine, Food/FMCG, Alcoholic Beverages, Tobacco, Transport & Logistics, Automotive/Passenger Car, Road Transport/Truck, Public Transport/Bus, Air Transport/Plane, Sea Transport/Ship, and Inland Water/Barge. Each icon associated with these sectors clarifies the distinct industry or mode of transport it represents, aiding in quick visual recognition.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is a light shade, showcasing clear contrast against the dark icons and text.
  • Icons set in a grid pattern of four rows and six columns are consistently styled with a dark fill and white graphics.
  • Each icon is paired with a label underneath, written in a small, sans-serif font for readability.
  • The icons depict various industry and transportation-related images, from factory representations to vehicles such as trucks and ships.
  • The slide's layout is clean and symmetric, emphasizing straightforward visual categorization.
  • No additional decorative elements or images are present; the focus is purely on the iconography and their descriptions.

The slide portrays a minimalistic and functional design, emphasizing clarity and ease of identification for each sector. The uniform style of the icons contributes to a cohesive visual set that could easily be incorporated into various presentation materials.

Use Cases

  • Presenting an overview of a company's operational sectors within an annual corporate meeting.
  • Providing a visual reference for various industries in educational materials or business seminars.
  • Incorporating into a report as a guide to the services provided by a multi-sector enterprise.
  • Utilizing as visual aids during a business proposal to quickly and graphically represent the scope of potential investments or partnerships.

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