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from deck Industry icons: Production, Construction, Transportation (flat PPT clipart)

Production, construction & transport: Icon index for dark background

Slide Content

The slide is a graphical index of icons related to production, construction, and transport, designed for dark backgrounds. It features various sectors like manufacturing, chemical industry, and information technology. Icons such as those for alcoholic beverages and tobacco signify consumer goods, while trucks, cargo ships, and trains represent aspects of transport. There is also a nod to the energy sector with icons like gasoline & fuel.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is a dark shade of blue.
  • There are four rows of icons, with each icon encircled in a lighter blue gradient ring.
  • Each icon is accompanied by a short label in white text below it.
  • The icons use a simple, white line art style for clarity against the dark background.
  • The slide has a numbered page indicator "15" in the bottom right corner in a lighter shade of blue.

The slide has a sleek, professional look with a clear, easily readable contrast between the icons and the dark background. The consistent iconography style and the organized layout convey information effectively and elegantly.

Use Cases

  • Introducing various company divisions within a corporation that spans multiple industries.
  • Explaining the different sectors involved in a supply chain or logistics operation.
  • Enhancing a presentation's visual appeal and clarity when discussing topics related to industry types. -Quick reference during meetings or discussions about partnerships across different sectors.

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