Editable Problem Statement Template - Example Slide, Can be Converted to PDF Format
from deck Business Case Presentation (PPT Template)

This sample shows a problem statement. You can use this with a business case presentation - the main purpose of this particular one - to try to address or solve a business problem (e.g. trying to solve issues with leads, pages, guides, designs, etc.), proposing a project to your team, when researching or checking a certain solution topic or field, going into detailed language on a standalone problem statement document, or in a presentation as a step to start your audience discussing it or get a question & answer session going, for example. This template will help you state or define your issue clearly and in a concise manner so it's easier for your readers to understand. The elements are fully editable: write your own text, including shadows and other effects, resize shapes without loss of image quality, match the colors to your brand's palette, save shapes in a PDF format if you require, etc.

Slide contents:

Problem Statement PPT, Vector Graphic Illustrations, Text Box, Placeholder Text, Line Graphic, Hexagon Graphic, Danger Icon, Resizable Shapes, White Background

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