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Thank you for your attention
from deck Startup Presentation Template and Slide Deck (PPTX)


Slide Content

The slide is intended as a closing slide with a thank you message, featuring contact details and additional information of an individual named James Smith. It lists a phone number, email address, and references for "See also" with three bullet points. These points are placeholders, typically replaced with related topics, further readings, or next steps.

Graphical Look

  • The slide has a two-column layout split diagonally with a dominant purple color theme.
  • The left side of the slide contains text elements, including the title "THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION" in white font against a yellow background, and a white box with purple and black text for contact details and further references.
  • The right side of the slide displays a photo of a person, with a white quotation mark graphic in the upper right corner.
  • The photo is framed within a complex polygonal shape that complements the diagonal division of the slide.

The slide design is modern and vibrant with a professional appearance, using a bold color contrast of yellow and purple to draw attention to its elements.

Use Cases

  • To conclude a presentation and thank the audience while providing contact information for follow-up.
  • As a final slide in webinar or virtual meeting decks to share presenter details.
  • On information booths or kiosks during events where the audience may want to take note of the presenter's contact details.
  • In educational or training sessions as a way to conclude and offer additional resources or contacts.

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