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from deck Quotes in Presentations - creative quotation marks, boxes, bubbles (PPT template)

1. Modern Flat Quote Graphics

2. Hand Drawn Quote Graphics

Slide Content

The slide appears to present two styles of quote graphics that might be used in presentations or documents. The first is labeled "Modern Flat Quote Graphics," suggesting a contemporary, minimalist design that is likely sleek and professional in appearance. The second, "Hand Drawn Quote Graphics," implies a more personalized and artistic approach, potentially with irregular lines or a sketch-like quality that provides a human touch.

Graphical Look

  • The slide has a clean, minimalist background in a light grey tone.
  • Two main rectangular banners are featured prominently on the slide, one above the other.
  • The top banner has a bright blue color with the title "1. Modern Flat Quote Graphics" in white text.
  • The bottom banner is dark grey and features the title "2. Hand Drawn Quote Graphics" also in white text.
  • Both banners have a distinctive ribbon-like shape, giving a three-dimensional, layered effect.
  • The banners' colors contrast with the background, creating a visually appealing hierarchy.
  • The text is bold and easy to read, ensuring clear communication of the slide's main points.

The overall look of the slide is professional and visually striking, with a strong focus on clarity and readability. It uses contrasting colors and graphical elements to distinguish between the two topics effectively.

Use Cases

  • This slide could be used to introduce different graphic design options during a marketing presentation, where branding strategies are being discussed.
  • In a corporate training session, it might be used to showcase various methods of highlighting testimonials or quotes in company materials.
  • During a workshop on presentation skills, this slide could serve as an example of how to effectively use visual aids to enhance communication.
  • It would be relevant in a graphic design meeting when selecting the appropriate style of quote graphic for various communication materials.

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