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Coffee was only a way of stealing time that should by rights belong to your slightly older self.

Slide Content

The slide features a quote attributed to Terry Pratchett from the novel "Thud!", discussing the concept of coffee as a means of borrowing time from one's future self. It's a humorous take on the idea that the energy and wakefulness provided by coffee might be at the expense of one's later rest or energy levels, thus 'stealing' time from the future to fuel the present.

Graphical Look

  • The quote is presented with large, white, serif font that is easily readable against a dark background.
  • A large pair of quotation marks precedes the text, drawing attention to the fact that the text is a direct quote.
  • The text color is white which contrasts with the dark wooden background for readability.
  • There is a photograph in the background showing a dark mug of coffee on a wooden surface.
  • The upper part of the background is tinted with a dark greenish-blue gradient providing a space where the text stands out prominently.
  • The composition of the photo centered on the coffee mug with negative space around suggests a focus on the subject of the quote.

The overall look is one of a relaxed and contemplative ambiance, augmented by the presence of the coffee mug which ties in thematically with the quote. The color contrast and clear font make the text stand out and maintain the focus on the quote itself.

Use Cases

  • To kick off a presentation on time management or productivity with a light-hearted tone.
  • As a slide in a casual corporate training session covering topics such as work-life balance or stress management.
  • To introduce a section on company culture or employee wellness programs, especially if they include coffee breaks or other amenities.
  • During a coffee industry or cafe business presentation to add a philosophical or humorous touch related to coffee consumption.

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