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Five items spiral diagram with flat icons and brief description
from deck Spiral Flow Charts & Spring Diagrams (PPT template)

Spring Spiral for 5 Items Models - Toned Version

Slide Content

This slide is designed to outline a five-step process or model in a visually engaging way. The spring spiral offers a dynamic perspective on progression or development through five key stages. Each numbered step on the spiral is connected to a text box for further explanation and is accompanied by a unique icon which represents different concepts or thematic areas: communication, individuality, achievement, financial growth, and research or analysis. This structure allows the presenter to convey a narrative or workflow that is interconnected and flows naturally from one point to the next.

Graphical Look

  • A large gray-toned spiral graphic dominates the left side of the slide, symbolizing a dynamic and evolving process.
  • Numbered circles (1 to 5) are evenly distributed along the spiral, indicating sequential steps or stages.
  • Five horizontal lines extend from each numbered circle to the right side of the slide, representing connections to the corresponding textual or symbolic information.
  • Adjacent to the end of each line, there are colored text boxes for adding descriptions, each with a different color accent matching the color of the numbered circle it's connected to.
  • Next to each text box, a round icon illustrates a concept related to the text, such as a speech bubble, a person silhouette, a trophy, stacked coins, and a microscope.
  • The icons are set in circles with a darker shade matching the corresponding numbered circle and text box, creating a cohesive color-coded system.

The overall look is modern and clean, with a professional blue and gray color scheme. The use of icons adds a visual representation to each point, enhancing the comprehensibility of the presented model or process.

Use Cases

  • Presenting a step-by-step business strategy or plan in management or team meetings.
  • Outlining the stages of a marketing or product development process during a presentation to stakeholders.
  • Explaining the progression of a project management life cycle in project kickoff meetings or reviews.
  • Visualizing the components of a customer journey or experience in workshops or customer experience discussions.

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