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Population Area Time Icons Time Zone Powerpoint Clipart
from deck Maps of South America Countries (PPT icons Population, GDP, transport)

Icons: Population, area and time

Slide Content

The slide aims to present a collection of fully editable icons related to demography and temporal concepts. "Area" is symbolized by square blocks representing a gridded space, typically associated with geographic territory. "Population" is denoted by a group of human figures, signifying the number of people in a given area. "Population density" combines the area and population icons to indicate the number of people per unit of land, a critical demographic metric. Lastly, a clock icon beside a man and a woman implies aspects of time relating to demographics, such as growth rates or temporal changes.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is a gradient of light to darker blue, symbolizing reliability and trust.
  • At the top, a banner with the text "Fully editable" and an arrow emphasizes the customizable nature of the icons.
  • There are three sets of icons in the center of the slide. Each set consists of:
  • A larger block to represent 'Area', indicated by square shapes positioned closely to suggest a geographic space.
  • Human figures for 'Population', with multiple figures indicating a group or community.
  • Overlapping square blocks and human figures for 'Population density', connecting the concepts of area and population visually.
  • Below the sets, a horizontal banner with the label "Editable filling, shadow, reflection..." denotes the customizable features of the icons.
  • Each icon has a small caption describing what it represents.
  • To the bottom corner, two human figures with a clock icon between them represent the element of time associated with demographics.

The slide has a professional and clean layout, with a color palette that conveys a sense of methodology and structure. The icons and text are well organized, providing a straightforward visual message.

Use Cases

  • To explain key demographic concepts in an educational or training presentation.
  • When illustrating population-related data, such as in a public policy or urban planning report.
  • For visual support in demographic analysis during a business or marketing meeting to discuss target audiences or market segmentation.
  • In a proposal or report to discuss the impact of temporal changes on population metrics within a specific geographic area.

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