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Waste Classification - Inflammable, Air Pollution, Infectious
from deck Ecology icons: Waste types, treatment and waste prevention (flat PPT clipart)

Waste classification

Slide Content

The PowerPoint slide titled "Waste classification" presents three categories of waste: Inflammable, Air pollution/atmospheric pollution by waste dusting, and Infectious. Each category is accompanied by a stylized icon inside a circular shape, which visually represents the type of waste - a trash bin with a flame for Inflammable, signifying materials that can easily catch fire; one with dust or fumes to depict Air pollution, indicating waste that contributes to air quality degradation; and one with a biohazard symbol for Infectious, denoting waste that can spread pathogens.

Graphical Look

  • Three large circular icons with a uniform style dominate the slide's upper half, each encasing a white trash bin symbol against a navy blue background; the icons are distinct by the pictograms of flame, dust, and biohazard sign.
  • Below each large circle is a corresponding caption with a descriptive term for the waste category, set in white bold font against the slide's light background.
  • In the slide's lower half, there are six smaller icons showing a variety spectrum of the same trash bin symbols on both dark and light backgrounds, indicating adaptability for different slide designs.
  • The phrase "Dark backgrounds versions" is placed above the triad of smaller icons on dark backgrounds, while the term "Fully editable & automatically adjusting to color schema" is associated with the triad of icons on a lighter scheme.
  • The slide's background gradually transitions from a light color at the top to a darker shade near the bottom, creating a subtle gradient effect.

The slide has a clean and professional look, utilizing a limited color palette to maintain focus on the content. The visual elements are arranged symmetrically, promoting balance and easy comprehension.

Use Cases

  • Explaining waste management protocols in environmental health and safety (EHS) training.
  • Introducing waste segregation guidelines in company sustainability reports or presentations.
  • Visualizing types of hazardous materials in industry-specific compliance seminars.
  • Enhancing public awareness campaigns about proper disposal of different waste categories.

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