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Risk Icons Set – Finance

Slide Content

The PowerPoint slide titled "Risk Icons Set – Finance" presents a collection of simple yet descriptive icons related to financial concepts and risks. It enumerates several key topics including Spending Distribution, Low Budget, Money, Revenue, Turn Over, Dollars, USD, Investment Risk, Budget Attention, Cash, Banknotes, Coins, Savings, Piggy Bank, Plus Minus, Increase, Profit, Flash, Lightning, Danger, Shield, Protection, Court, and Government, reflecting various financial elements and concerns.

Graphical Look

  • The title "Risk Icons Set – Finance" is prominently displayed at the top of the slide, using dark text on a light background for good contrast.
  • Below the title is a horizontal list of phrases representing financial concepts, such as "Spending Distribution," "Low Budget," "Money", etc., written in a smaller font size than the title.
  • A two-column structure is used with the left column containing a grey scale of icons corresponding to the listed phrases.
  • The right column features a dark background with three versions of a money bag icon in different colors (white, orange, and green) to show the adjustable color feature.
  • Each icon symbolizes a financial concept; for example, a piggy bank for "Savings," a shield for "Protection," and a court building for "Government."
  • There is a prominent "Fully editable icons" label in the upper right corner of the slide, with a contrasting background color to the rest of the slide.
  • A circular highlight focuses on one money bag icon, accentuating it as a sample of an editable icon.

The slide design utilizes a sleek and professional appearance, with icons neatly arrayed for quick visual reference. The contrast between the colors and the consistent icon styling gives the slide a clean and organized look.

Use Cases

  • Presenting financial risks and concepts in corporate finance or investment strategy meetings.
  • Illustrating budget-related discussions or fiscal planning in government and public sector presentations.
  • Enhancing educational materials or workshops on financial literacy and risk management.
  • Visual aid in pitch decks or business proposals focusing on financial services or products.

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