Ocean Pollution Data - Plastic Pollution Dataset
from deck Plastic Pollution & Waste Infographics (PPT Template)

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The Ocean Pollution Data PPT Template shows a bar graph representing data about the number of plastics entering the ocean. This slide contains a bar graph that illustrates the amount of plastic waste present in the ocean and where they come from. Approximately 270 tonnes of plastic that end up in the ocean come from manufacturing companies that produce plastic. The highest amount of plastic that results in the ocean is 275 tonnes, and it comes from global plastic waste. The plastic debris that comes from the coast is about 99.5 tonnes, and it is generated within 50km of a coastline. 31.9 tonnes of mismanaged coastal plastic waste end up in the ocean, and they are stored in insecure landfills. 8 tonnes of plastic result from the total annual plastic inputs to the ocean. As a result, an estimated number of 10,000 to 100,000 tonnes of microplastics and pieces of plastic end up in the ocean. You can use this PowerPoint chart if you want to shed light on plastic pollution in the ocean and the danger it imposes on marine life. You can also offer solutions at the end of your presentation such as initiating a cleanup campaign to save the lives of the marine species. You can also offer waste management solutions your company can use such as reducing, reusing, and decreasing single-use of plastic to reduce marine debris. These proposed solutions can improve the whole ecosystem. You can download this template in HQ on Google Slides and Keynote.

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