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Product development stages infographics
from deck Elegant Outline Pitch Deck Presentation (PPT Template)

Product Development Stages Diagram from Concept Plan, Beta Test to Launch

Slide Content

The slide presents the phases of product development, from conception to market launch. The 'Concept Biz Plan' introduces the planning stage where initial ideas and business planning occur. 'Product Development' is the phase where the product is designed and created. 'Alpha/Beta Test' refers to the testing stages where the product is trialed and refined. Lastly, 'Launch' indicates the final stage where the product is introduced to the market. Each stage is laid out in a sequential manner, suggesting a progression through these stages.

Graphical Look

  • The slide has a light background with a prominent title at the top in dark blue text, set against a bookmark-shaped blue ribbon.
  • Below the title, three elongated hexagonal shapes stretch from left to right, acting as containers for the text of each stage. These shapes have a gradient fill blue shade and are outlined in a darker blue.
  • Each hexagonal container is progressively indented, creating a visual stair-step effect that leads the eye from left to right.
  • A thick green arrow begins at the left, just below the title ribbon, and intersects all three hexagons before culminating in a circle that encloses a line drawing of a rocket ship.
  • The slide features a clean, modern design with ample white space and a minimalistic style that emphasizes the stages of product development.

The slide is visually balanced with a mixture of graphical elements and text that create a flow from the planning stage through to product launch. The arrow effectively guides the viewer's attention along the development path.

Use Cases

  • To outline the stages of product development during internal team meetings, providing a clear roadmap for the project timeline.
  • In a pitch presentation to potential investors, to summarize the process from conception to market launch.
  • As a training tool for new team members to understand the product life cycle in the company.
  • During project review meetings, to assess progress and align on next steps for each development stage.

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