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Three-year plan forecast for expected income
from deck Elegant Outline Pitch Deck Presentation (PPT Template)

Expected Income, 3-year Plan Forecast

Slide Content

The slide is designed to present a forecast of expected income over a three-year period. There are three boxes, each representing a different year with the placeholder "20XX", hinting at future years, and each containing a placeholder figure for the income expected in that year which currently shows zeros. This type of slide is useful for illustrating financial projections and growth expectations in a clear and structured way.

Graphical Look

  • A vertical axis with an upward-pointing arrow on the left side symbolizes growth or progress.
  • Three horizontal connector lines stem from the axis, leading to three rectangular shapes indicating three different years.
  • Each of the three rectangular shapes contains two elements: a label with "20XX" to represent a specific year and a larger area for an income figure.
  • The income figure area is styled with a grayish overlay and green border, suggesting an editable field for monetary amounts.
  • An icon depicting a money bag with an arrow pointing upwards is enclosed in a circular shape adjacent to the axis, reinforcing the financial growth theme.

The slide has a clean, professional look with a business-oriented color scheme. The use of directional shapes and financial icons suggests a focus on growth and income.

Use Cases

  • Presenting revenue forecasts during an investor meeting or financial planning session.
  • Demonstrating growth potential in sales or business development presentations.
  • Showcasing projected financial outcomes in strategic planning meetings.
  • Setting financial targets in budgeting or fund-raising discussions with stakeholders.

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