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Startup investment round financing proposal in numbers
from deck Elegant Outline Pitch Deck Presentation (PPT Template)

Startup Investment Round Financing Proposal

Slide Content

The slide is designed for a financial presentation addressing the Startup Investment Round Financing Proposal, focusing on the purpose, cost breakdown, proposed share, and valuation. "In this round" section expresses the expected investment per year, specifying development costs and public relations or advertisement tests. The right side details the proposed share for the investor, which ranges from 10-80%, followed by the company's valuation. It also includes a comparison of the "Share," "Share value," and "Valuation" between Founders and an Investor, demonstrating an equal distribution.

Graphical Look

  • The title of the slide is prominently displayed at the top in dark blue font.
  • A two-column format is used to segregate information.
  • On the left column:
  • A circular icon with a money symbol is highlighted with a green border.
  • Bullet points list investment details and sub-bullets provide supplementary information.
  • On the right column:
  • A green-bordered rectangular callout contains text about the proposed share and valuation.
  • Below the callout are three stylized horizontal blue shapes, each with labels and designated space to add specific values relating to Founders and the Investor.
  • The colors used are a mix of dark blue, green, and light blue.
  • Fonts are clear and readable, with some words emphasized in bold.

The overall look is professional and clean, with a business-oriented color scheme and layout that aids in presenting financial data in an organized manner.

Use Cases

  • Pitching to potential investors during a funding round to communicate investment details and expectations.
  • Board meetings to discuss and approve financial strategies for upcoming investment rounds.
  • Financial planning sessions to determine valuation and equity distribution strategies.
  • Startup events or competitions where presenting the financial plan and investment opportunities to a panel of judges or audience is necessary.

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