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Waste by composition

Slide Content

The slide identifies three categories of waste: Animal and vegetal wastes, Mineral and solidified wastes, and Paper & paperboard. Each category is represented with an icon: a fish skeleton symbolizing organic waste like food and garden debris, a trash bin with wheels symbolizing materials from construction and manufacturing, and a document symbol indicating waste from paper products.

Graphical Look

  • A large, bold title "Waste by composition" is centered at the top of the slide in a serif font.
  • There are three primary circle-shaped icons with a dark blue background, evenly distributed horizontally across the slide.
  • Below each primary icon, there's its corresponding white icon version against a dark background, labeled "Dark backgrounds versions."
  • The icons depict, from left to right: a fish skeleton for "Animal and vegetal wastes," a trash bin for "Mineral and solidified wastes," and a stack of papers for "Paper & paperboard."
  • Each primary icon has a subtitle text describing the type of waste it represents.
  • There are three smaller icons with variations in the background color, situated below the main row of icons, showing adaptability for different color schemes.
  • The slide has a consistent color palette, using shades of blue and orange to create contrast and visual interest.

The slide has a professional and clean design with a clear visual hierarchy, allowing for easy comprehension of the content. The use of icons and color contrast aids in quick identification of the categories of waste.

Use Cases

  • In an environmental presentation, focusing on waste management and categorization.
  • During a corporate sustainability report to highlight the types of waste the company produces and how it is handled.
  • As an educational tool in workshops or seminars to teach about different types of waste and their environmental impacts.
  • In a policy-making discussion on waste management strategies, to stress the importance of sorting waste according to its composition.

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