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Outline style icons set: climate change metaphors environmental regulations
from deck Climate Change Impacts & Business Actions (PPT Template)

Outline Style Icons Set – Climate Change Metaphors

Slide Content

The slide presents a collection of icons that convey various aspects of climate change and environmental issues. These icons symbolize topics like environmental regulations, which could mean policies to control pollution, and company opportunities, possibly referring to business advantages gained through sustainable practices. Climate change iconography might illustrate the broader impacts of global warming, whereas carbon dioxide emissions likely represent the release of CO2 into the atmosphere. Gas CO2 emission increase and decrease icons suggest trends in pollution levels, whereas emission costs imply financial considerations related to pollution, and environmental cost potentially refers to the broader socioeconomic impact of environmental degradation.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is divided diagonally into two shades: a lighter grey on the upper half and a darker grey on the lower half.
  • The upper right corner features a green banner with text suggesting that the icons are "Fully editable."
  • A set of eight outlined style icons are evenly distributed across the slide, with each icon paired with a thematic label.
  • Each icon is a simple, stylized graphic representation of a specific concept related to climate change and the environment.
  • The icons use a consistent line style and are monochromatic with varying shades of blue-grey.
  • Specific icons include images representing documents with CO2, a thermometer with the Earth, hand holding the Earth, flames surrounding the Earth, clouds with CO2, and arrows indicating emission trends.
  • There are two blocks of text, one under the title mentions various themes related to the icons, and the other at the bottom promotes additional icons from the same source.
  • A small green tag sticks out from the top left corner, adding a pop of color to the slide.

The slide has a modern and professional look with a balanced distribution of text and icons, which are clear and easy to interpret.

Use Cases

  • Presenting an environmental segment within a corporate social responsibility (CSR) report.
  • Educating an audience about climate change and its aspects in educational or training settings.
  • Enhancing discussions about policy or strategy related to sustainability in business meetings.
  • Using as visual aids in marketing materials to highlight a company's commitment to tackling climate change issues.

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