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Outline icons set: target, goal, pin, milestone, gears, process
from deck Chemical Lab Test Tube Graphics (PPT Template)

Outline Style Icons Set — Business

Slide Content

The slide presents a collection of outline-style icons that represent various business concepts. The icons symbolize Target, representing goals or objectives to be achieved; Goal which is similar in context to targets often used for setting desired achievements; Pin for marking important points or milestones; Milestone, signifying key stages or significant events in a project; Gears, indicating processes or systems at work; Process, showcasing the sequence of actions or steps; Product to represent goods or items the business deals with; Release, which could refer to launching new products or updates; Teamwork, emphasizing collaboration and joint effort; Meeting for discussing and planning actions; Business Model illustrating the framework of business operations; Money indicating currency or financial resources; Income as the earnings a business generates; and Funds for investment or capital pools. Each icon represents a foundational element of business operations and strategy.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is divided, with a dark turquoise color on the right and a white color on the left.
  • There are nine outlined icons displayed in two rows and columns, with the upper row containing four icons and the bottom row five.
  • Three money bag icons are featured on the right, each in a different color (white, orange, and green), with the green icon encircled and emphasized.
  • A teal-colored decorative left border slightly intrudes into the slide area.
  • All text on the slide is in a sans-serif font, with the slide title in bold and slightly larger size compared to the list of business concepts.
  • The icons each have a label underneath them written in a smaller sans-serif font, slightly bolded.

The slide has a modern, clean design with a balanced mix of text and graphics, which allows for easy readability. The outlined icons are stylish and easily recognizable, tailored for professional business presentations.

Use Cases

  • In a strategy presentation to visually summarize key components of a business plan.
  • During team meetings to highlight agenda items or discuss specific business operations using the icons as reference points.
  • In marketing materials to illustrate different services or products offered by the company.
  • For educational purposes in workshops or training sessions to explain various business concepts through visual representation.

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