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Outline icons set: target, arrow, bullseye, destination, roadmap
from deck Target Bullseye and Dart Arrows Graphics (PPT Template)

Outline Style Icons Set – Goals/Strategy

Slide Content

The PowerPoint slide presents a collection of outline style icons related to goals and strategy. The icons include a target with an arrow, representing precision or achieving specific objectives. A map pin symbolizes a location or destination, which can stand for market penetration or reaching new areas. The roadmap icon denotes the strategic plan to reach objectives. There are three chess pieces, highlighting the strategic aspects of decision-making, with differently colored icons to possibly indicate different strategic priorities or roles.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is white with a dark teal header and footer.
  • The title is in black text within the dark teal header.
  • There are six icons in total, symmetrically arranged in two rows of three.
  • The first icon in the top left is a target and arrow, the second a location map pin, and the third a location marker.
  • The bottom row contains a pin, followed by three chess piece icons – a pawn, a rook, and a knight – in gray, orange, and green outlines respectively.
  • The last icon, the knight, is encircled highlighting it.
  • The icons are simple line drawings with a modern and clean appearance.

The slide has a crisp and minimalistic look with its line icons and contrasting dark teal header and footer. The use of different colors for the chess piece icons adds a subtle hint of color to the otherwise monochromatic scheme.

Use Cases

  • Presenting a company's strategic plan or targets in a business meeting.
  • Illustrating different aspects of a marketing strategy in a sales presentation.
  • Using the icons as metaphors during a leadership training or workshop.
  • Incorporating the icons into a project proposal to visually represent goals and the path to achieve them.

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