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Outline Icons Set for CX – General Symbols
from deck Customer Experience Management Strategy Processes (PPT Template)

Outline Icons Set for CX – General Symbols

Slide Content

The slide presents a collection of outline icons representative of various concepts which could be used in a Customer Experience (CX) context: Idea (lightbulb symbolizing creativity or new solutions), Lightbulb (innovation or bright ideas), Shield (protection or security), Protection, Target (goals or objectives), Goal, Puzzle (solving problems or fitting pieces together), Piece, Chess (strategy or thoughtful planning), Strategy, Pencil (writing or annotation), Writing, Editing, Trophy (achievement or recognition of success), Quality, Megaphone (marketing or making announcements), Marketing, Measure Tape (precision or measurement).

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is divided diagonally: upper light grey and lower dark teal.
  • The title is in a larger, bold font, dark teal color, on a light grey background.
  • Ten outline icons are evenly distributed across the light grey area; five per row.
  • Three colored pencils icons with a flat design are tilted at an angle on the dark teal side.
  • One pencil icon, highlighted with a light blue circle, is positioned below the colored pencils.
  • A text box with the website URL is placed below the circle-highlighted pencil icon.
  • Icons include a lightbulb, shield, target, puzzle piece, chess piece, pencil, trophy, megaphone, and measure tape.

The slide has a professional and clean design with a simple color scheme. The use of outline and colored flat design icons on separate background colors allows for easy differentiation and focus.

Use Cases

  • To introduce a variety of key concepts in a customer experience strategy presentation.
  • To visually break down the elements of a project proposal related to marketing, product development, or customer service.
  • For embellishing slides in training materials that explain different aspects of business operations, like sales and marketing.
  • As visual aids in progress reports, where each icon can represent a specific goal or metric that has been targeted or achieved.

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