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Outline Icons Set – CX Metrics – Customer Symbols
from deck Customer Experience Metrics Diagrams (PPT Template)

Outline Icons Set — CX Metrics — Customer Symbols

Slide Content

The slide provides a collection of customer experience (CX) metrics and customer-related symbols in the form of outline icons. These icons represent various concepts such as Customer Experience (indicating the overall sentiment towards a company), Customer Satisfaction (measuring how products or services meet or surpass customer expectation), Sample Group of People (a subset of customers), Target Group (specific segment aimed by products/services), and Focus Group (selected group for market research). Other icons include Respondent (participant in research/survey), Consideration (customer thought process), Magnifying Glass (search and analysis), with Person or Question Mark (uncertainty or inquiry), Snapping Fingers (quick action or simplicity), Easy (user-friendly approach), Help Center (support services), Call Canter, Computer Assisted Telephone Interview (method of conducting surveys), Promoters (customers who would recommend a company), Passives (neutral customers), and Detractors (unhappy customers).

Graphical Look

  • The background of the slide is a two-tone setup with a light gray upper half and a dark blue lower half.
  • A chevron pattern divides the two color regions at a downward angle.
  • The left side of the slide features a series of outline icons representing CX metrics and customer symbols.
  • On the right side, there are three examples of the icons in color: green, yellow, and blue.
  • A highlighted icon sits within a blue circle against the dark blue background for emphasis.
  • The slide title is in dark blue text on the upper left.
  • "Fully editable icons" is written in a blue box to the right of the header.
  • There is a small text box centered at the bottom in the dark blue area with light gray text, encouraging the viewer to check more icons on their website.

The slide's overall look is clean and minimalistic with a business-professional aesthetic. The use of colors and icons against the contrasting background colors facilitates focus and clarity in understanding the represented concepts.

Use Cases

  • In customer experience strategy presentations to showcase different metrics and concepts relevant to improving service quality.
  • During workshops or seminars related to customer service and market research, for visual aid in explaining CX terminology.
  • For training customer support teams on various aspects of customer interactions and feedback gathering tools.
  • In marketing meetings to discuss target demographics, audience segmentation, and customer feedback loops.

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