Buying Decision Factors - Light Outline Decision Tree
from deck Decision Tree Diagram Charts (PPT Template)

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The Buying Decision Factors PowerPoint Template can be used to explain customers' purchase decisions based on their location. The icons make your presentation creative, and you can write a brief explanation under each icon to keep it professional. This Decision Tree shows that consumer buying behavior is divided differently between Europe and America. Those that purchase the company's products or services in America are divided into married and single customers. Customers that do not purchase a company's products in Europe or America might be due to personal factors, purchasing power, cultural factors, psychological factors, social factors, and economic factors. These factors influence customers' ability to buy products especially from abroad. You can use this Consumer Buying Decision if you want to show the factors that influence consumer behavior and the factors affecting purchasing power. You can use this slide to segment your customers to create a marketing plan that targets and retains loyal customers. You can download this template on Google Slides and Keynote too.

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Decision Tree, Buying Decision Tree, Text Box, Dollar Icon, Euro Icon, No Icon, Yes Icon, Married Icon, Man Icon, Female Icon

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