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Orbit zones template for four items
from deck Orbit Diagram Infographics (PPT Template)

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The PowerPoint slide appears to represent a circular process or cycle with four main steps or phases, each denoted by a colorful icon and a placeholder for a title and descriptive text. This circular design conventionally suggests a repeating process or one where the end of one phase is seamlessly connected to the beginning of the next, implying continuity or iteration.

Graphical Look

  • The background of the slide is a gradient of dark to lighter grey.
  • Four curved interconnected paths form a circular pattern centered on the slide.
  • Each path segment has a different solid color circle with an icon inside it, signifying different stages or elements of the process.
  • The icons within the circles are stylized and depict concepts like a globe, calendar, clipboard, and network.
  • Next to each colored circle is a text box with a placeholder for a title and additional text.
  • The slide has a clean and modern design with predominant use of curves and few sharp angles.
  • The color palette of the icons and circles includes orange, blue, green, and purple, offering vivid contrast against the grey background.

The overall look is sleek and professional, with the graphical elements prioritizing clarity and visual appeal. The use of color helps to differentiate the four parts of the cycle or process.

Use Cases

  • Illustrating the steps in a continuous business process or workflow.
  • Describing the lifecycle of a product from conception to market.
  • Outlining the phases of a project management cycle.
  • Depicting a recurring sequence of events in an organization, such as quarterly financial reporting.

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