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Employee needs hierarchy presented in the form of a pyramide
from deck Needs and Business Values Icons (flat PPT clipart)

Hierarchy of employee needs

Slide Content

The slide presents a model of "Hierarchy of employee needs," structured similarly to Maslow's hierarchy of needs, but tailored for a workplace context. The hierarchy includes five levels: "Safety & Security," which indicates the basic need for a safe and secure work environment; "Financial," which relates to fair compensation and financial stability; "Relationship," emphasizing the importance of collegial fellowship; "Recognition," which touches on the need for acknowledgment of one's contributions; and "Growth & Fulfillment," representing the highest need for personal and professional development. Each level corresponds to different levels of engagement: high, moderate, and low, suggesting that as needs are better met, employee engagement increases.

Graphical Look

  • The slide features a colorful pyramid diagram with five sections, each representing a different employee need, from bottom to top.
  • Each section of the pyramid is a different color, with icons next to the text labels: a shield for Safety & Security (purple), a stack of coins for Financial (blue), two people for Relationship (green), a trophy for Recognition (orange), and a sprout for Growth & Fulfillment (yellow).
  • A vertical arrow on the right side of the pyramid has three segments labeled with different levels of employee engagement: "LOW," "MODERATE," and "HIGH."
  • The background is dark teal, providing contrast for the multicolored pyramid and the text.
  • The text is white, which contrasts sharply with the dark background and coordinates with the lighter sections on the graph.
  • There is a placeholder text box above the pyramid for additional descriptions or context.

The overall look of the slide is modern and engaging, with an intuitive design that effectively communicates the concept of employee needs hierarchy. The use of colors and icons aids understanding and retention of the material.

Use Cases

  • In human resources presentations to discuss employee satisfaction and retention strategies.
  • During management training to educate about the importance of meeting the varied needs of employees for better engagement and productivity.
  • In team-building workshops to foster a better understanding of what motivates colleagues and how to support each other.
  • For organizational development sessions while addressing workplace culture and the development of policies that satisfy employee needs at various levels.

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