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Natural Capital

Slide Content

The slide titled "Natural Capital" focuses on the different components constituting natural capital, including 'Ecosystem capital' and 'Abiotic assets' & 'flows'. Ecosystem capital is subdivided into 'Ecosystems as asset', highlighting their extent and structure like forests and rivers, and 'Ecosystem service flows', emphasizing services like food provision and climate regulation. These concepts facilitate understanding the inherent values and services provided by ecosystems. Abiotic assets cover non-depletable resources such as solar radiation and minerals, whereas abiotic flows address renewable energies and resources like wind and phosphate fertilizer, acknowledging the non-biological contributions to natural capital.

Graphical Look

  • The slide has a vibrant and colorful design with blue, green, orange, and yellow tones.
  • Three vertical rectangular sections represent different aspects of natural capital.
  • Each section features a title bar in a darker shade with white text.
  • Colored icons and symbols visually represent the different assets and flows within each category.
  • Two sections have a "DEPLETABLE" label, and two have "NON-DEPLETABLE" labels at the bottom.
  • There are arrows between the text indicating a flow or process.
  • The slide's source citation is discreetly located at the bottom left corner in a smaller font size.

The overall look of the slide is clean and visually appealing, using bright colors and graphics to effectively segment and convey information. Icons and labels are well-integrated to enhance understanding.

Use Cases

  • Explaining the concept of natural capital in environmental economics or sustainability presentations.
  • Showcasing different types of resources and their sustainability in business strategy meetings.
  • Educating on the importance of ecosystem services and renewable resources in academic settings.
  • Illustrating the interconnectedness of natural assets in policy-making discussions regarding environmental conservation and management.

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