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Natural Capital

Slide Content

The slide is about 'Natural Capital,' divided into four categories: Ecosystem capital, Abiotic assets, and Abiotic flows, each with a sub-category. 'Ecosystem capital' is broken down into "Ecosystems as asset," which refers to the physical extent and quality of natural environments, and "Ecosystem service flows," indicating the various services ecosystems provide. 'Abiotic assets' cover "Solar radiation," a non-depletable resource. Finally, 'Abiotic flows' includes two elements: "Renewable energy" like solar, wind, and hydro (non-depletable), and "Phosphate fertiliser, radiation protection, etc.," which are useful yet depletable resources.

Graphical Look

  • The slide title "Natural Capital" is in large white text on a dark blue background.
  • There are four main content blocks, each with a different color: dark blue, green, orange, and dark yellow.
  • Each block has a title at the top, two are 'GENERATING' and two are 'DEPLETABLE' in white capital letters on blue or orange tabs.
  • The dark blue and green blocks represent 'Ecosystem capital' and have icons of a leaf and a tree, respectively.
  • The orange and dark yellow blocks represent 'Abiotic assets' and 'Abiotic flows,' with icons of a sun and a power symbol joined with natural elements.
  • At the bottom left, there is a text citation "Source: European Environment Agency" in white.

The slide has a balanced, colorful layout with distinct sections for each element. The use of icons and colored blocks makes it visually appealing and easy to differentiate between topics.

Use Cases

  • To educate stakeholders about the different components of environmental value within a sustainability presentation.
  • In environmental economics or ecology courses to explain the concept of natural capital.
  • As part of a business strategy presentation to discuss the importance of preserving natural resources.
  • For a non-governmental organization presentation that aims to advocate for the conservation of natural assets and their responsible usage.

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