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Modifying E-book Template Shapes in Powerpoint

Slide Content: The slide is focused on how to modify e-book template shapes within PowerPoint. It outlines four core capabilities: changing texts, replacing icons, adapting colors to your brand, and reshaping & resizing elements. These are fundamental tasks in customizing PowerPoint templates to better fit a brand's visual identity or presentation style, enabling a presenter to personalize their content.

Graphical Look:

  • The slide features a dominant title in a large, bold font set against a teal header with a wave-like design on the right side.
  • There are two sets of icon-text pairs on the left and right sides of the slide, making a total of four pairs.
  • On the left, the top pair has a scissors icon, and the bottom pair has a paintbrush icon, both set in circular-shaped teal backgrounds.
  • On the right, the top pair has a thumbs-up icon, and the bottom pair has a pencil icon, both set in rectangular-shaped teal backgrounds.
  • Each icon-text pair is accompanied by a placeholder text box for customization.
  • Grey arrow graphics are used to indicate a process or sequence, connecting the left and right sections.
  • There's a note at the bottom right corner with instructions on editing the diagram elements, and it sits above a semi-transparent circle diagram.
  • Slide number and website URL are indicated in the bottom right corner.

The overall look of the slide is clean and professional, with a balanced use of icons and text to convey the modifiable aspects of the e-book templates. The visual flow is guided by arrows, suggesting a logical progression for modifying the templates.

Use Cases:

  • To demonstrate the customizability of e-book templates during a marketing or branding workshop.
  • In a training session for new employees to familiarize them with the company's preferred presentation styling.
  • During a sales pitch to showcase the adaptability of digital products offered by a company.
  • As part of a webinar explaining the versatility of templates and design tools available within PowerPoint.

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