Market Size Comparison - Growth Strategy Framework Template
from deck Business Growth Strategy Plan Presentation (PPT Template)

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The Market Size Comparison PPT Template can be used if you want to present a product and service development. You can use this slide if you are a senior manager and want to give a presentation about a product or service growth in your company. This slide contains a four-segment matrix table. In the change segment, you can give insights into new merchandise updates such as the launch of new color combinations. Under the variations section, you can share the variations you plan on doing, such as introducing a new line. In the innovations section, you can invest in research and merchandise growth. In the patents and rights section, you can mention the security requirements such as the right to produce and purchase your merchandise. This slide is beneficial if you want to share new changes you plan on doing for your company with your employees. It will allow you to know if the economy will allow for these changes, and measure future success in the industry. You can download this template on Google Slides and Keynote.

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White Background, Four-Segment Table, Text Box, Box Icon, Change Icon, Version Icon, Demand Icon, Increase Icon, Development Icon

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