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Icon Index on Dark Background: Waste Types, Treatment and Prevention
from deck Ecology icons bundle: Energy and Ecosystem, Waste, Sustainable Transport and Architecture (flat PPT clipart)

Waste types, treatment & prevention: Icon index for dark background

Slide Content

The slide presents a collection of icons categorized to represent different waste types, treatments, and prevention methods. Each icon is labeled with its associated category: Household, Construction/Demolition, City/Municipal, Industry, Commerce, Landfill, Incineration, Incineration with energy recovery, Wastewater, Composting & digestion/fertilizer, Chemical & medical waste, Waste, Recyclable wastes, Broken equipment/household appliance, Animal and vegetal wastes, Mineral and solidified wastes, Paper & paperboard, Glass. These concepts illustrate various aspects of waste management, from the sources of waste such as household or industry to specific waste types like chemical waste, highlighting approaches for responsible waste treatment and creating awareness of waste prevention methods.

Graphical Look

  • The slide has a dark blue background providing high contrast for the white text and icons.
  • There are two sets of icons arranged in grids, one on the top and one on the bottom. Each set consists of 8 icons horizontally.
  • The icons are white with a light blue shadow, placing them on circular backgrounds within larger white rounded rectangles.
  • Each icon represents a different aspect of waste management, depicted with simple and recognizable graphics.
  • Below every icon, there is a descriptive label in a simple white sans-serif font, which is legible against the dark background.
  • The icons and text are evenly spaced to create a clean and organized appearance.

The visual design of the slide is sleek and minimalist, using contrast effectively to make the icons stand out. The uniformity of the icons' style unifies the diverse categories of waste management visually.

Use Cases

  • To educate audience members about the various aspects of waste management during environmental awareness presentations.
  • As a visual aid in a training session for employees in the waste management or environmental services industry.
  • In proposal presentations to demonstrate a company's comprehensive approach to handling every category of waste as a part of an environmental or sustainability plan.
  • Within informational brochures or digital content that aims to inform the public about waste sorting and prevention techniques.

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