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Top manufacturing businesses by value added, EU-27, 2010

Slide Content

The slide presents a comparative analysis of the top manufacturing sectors within the EU-27 for the year 2010, based on two key metrics: value added at factor cost and number of enterprises in thousands. The industries listed are Machinery and Equipment, Food Products, Fabricated Metal Products, Motor Vehicles, Trailers and Semi-trailers, Chemicals and Chemical Products, Pharmaceutical Products, Electrical Equipment, Computer, Electronic and Optical Products. Value-added indicates the sector's economic input, while the number of enterprises reflects sector size and scale.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is a muted dark blue with a slight gradient.
  • Two horizontal bar charts dominate the slide, each aligned in parallel to the other.
  • The first bar chart on the left uses orange bars to represent the value added at factor cost in billions of euros.
  • The second bar chart on the right utilizes blue bars to indicate the number of enterprises in thousands.
  • Each bar chart is labeled respectively with a y-axis scale and descriptive industry sectors along the x-axis.
  • Series of icons placed next to the blue bars depict industry-specific symbols, such as gears for Machinery and Equipment and a beverage glass for Food Products.
  • A legend is present below the charts explaining the icons representing the sector categories.
  • At the top of the slide, there is a title in white text, and a subtitle providing context to the data's regional focus and timeframe.
  • The page number is indicated at the bottom right corner.

The slide has a professional and clear structure with contrasting colors for visual distinction between the different data sets. The use of industry-related icons provides a quick visual reference to the sectors being compared.

Use Cases

  • Presenting an economic overview of industries in a region for policy making or investment considerations.
  • Benchmarking sector performance in a business or economics class.
  • Analyzing industry trends in a market research presentation.
  • Sharing data with stakeholders during an annual report or strategic planning meeting.

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