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Extra EU-27 trade by main products (in 1 000 million EUR), EU-27, 2011

Slide Content

The slide presents a comparison of the EU-27's external trade categorized by major product groups for the year 2011, using a pair of circular diagrams. Imports are shown on the left with a total value of 1714 billion EUR, and Exports on the right with 1554 billion EUR. Product categories such as "Food, drinks & tobacco," "Raw materials," "Mineral fuels, lubricants," "Chemical & related products," "Other manufactured goods," and "Machinery & transport equipment," are each represented by a segment and an icon. Each category's individual values are also presented, elaborating on the specific contributions to the total trade.

Graphical Look

  • Two large circular diagrams representing imports and exports are the focal points, located symmetrically on either side of the slide.
  • The diagrams are segmented into colorful parts, each corresponding to a different product category, with coordinating icons.
  • The central figures are large numbers indicating the total value of imports and exports, styled in bold and clear font.
  • Situated on each segment of the circles are smaller figures showing the value for each product category.
  • The slide background is a gradient of dark blue at the top, lightening as it moves down.
  • A pair of arrows moving away from each other sit above the circular diagrams, symbolizing the flow of trade.
  • The product categories are indicated not only by icons but also by color coding, which corresponds to a legend below the circular diagrams.

The slide possesses a clean and professional design, with a good use of color coordination to aid in data differentiation and accessibility. The layout is well balanced, with graphical elements designed to quickly convey the key trade statistics at a glance.

Use Cases

  • To present trade data and economic performance in business and economic conferences.
  • For educational purposes in economics classes to explain import and export dynamics.
  • In market analysis presentations to compare different sectors or products in international trade.
  • As part of a business report or investor presentation to highlight trade strengths or areas for improvement within a specific region or sector.

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