Light Outline Table Design - Table PowerPoint Template
from deck Creative Presentation Tables and KPI Outline Design (PPT Template)

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The Light Outline Table Design PPT Template can be used to show details of the products professionally and creatively. The table has 4 columns and 5 rows, and there is space for you to write a small description for each piece of merchandise. In the description header, you can write details about your merchandise. In the package header, you can explain each of your merchandise packaging. In the pricing header, you can list the prices. You can use this slide if you are a product manager who wants to present the company's latest merchandise to the rest of the employees. The table's style is attractive which makes it easy to read, and you can also change the colors and font of the text. You can download this template on Google Slides and/or Keynote.

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White Background, Text Box, Arrow Icon, Document Icon, Box Icon, Package Icon, Price Icon, Dollar Icon

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