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Key Financial and Customer Performance Indicators Dashboard
from deck Dashboard Layouts for Executive Data Report Presentation (PPT Template)

Key Financial and Customer Performance Indicators Dashboard

Slide Content

The slide shows a dashboard for analyzing key performance indicators (KPIs) related to finances and customer metrics. It is divided into four categories: Revenue, Average Revenue Per Customer, New Customers, and Customer Acquisition Cost. Each category includes a 'Target vs. Actual' comparison. Revenue shows an actual of $188M against a $120M target. Average Revenue Per Customer presents $245 actual vs. a $220 target. The New Customers' segment details 80 actual new customers compared to a target of 75. Lastly, Customer Acquisition Cost shows $130 actual vs. an $80 target. Each category comes with a three-month trend chart, displaying monthly performance in relation to targets.

Graphical Look

  • The slide features a dark blue background with four white content boxes aligned horizontally.
  • Each content box contains a unique icon at the top, indicating the respective category of the performance metric.
  • The icons are encircled by a lighter blue background, harmonizing with the overarching color scheme of the slide.
  • Below each icon, there is a gray capsule shape with the category label in white text.
  • The 'Target vs. Actual' performance is prominently displayed in large bold font, with the actual values highlighted in darker text for emphasis.
  • Below each 'Target vs. Actual' comparison, there are bar charts showing three columns representing three months of data.
  • The bar charts have a distinct color for each category—green for Revenue, yellow for Average Revenue Per Customer, blue for New Customers, and teal for Customer Acquisition Cost.
  • Horizontal lines separate the title area from the content area and individual metrics for clarity and visual structure.

The slide is visually balanced with a clean and professional design, utilizing a consistent color palette and clear typography to convey complex data effectively. It is designed to provide a quick, at-a-glance comparison of company performance metrics against established targets.

Use Cases

  • To present quarterly financial and customer acquisition results in corporate meetings.
  • For tracking company performance against set goals in internal strategy sessions.
  • As a visual aid in investor relations presentations to illustrate financial health and customer growth.
  • For use in management and sales team meetings to review and discuss progress towards KPIs and necessary strategical adjustments.

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