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Key agenda timeline illustration for 8 sections
from deck Agenda Section Indicator Flat Progress Bars (PPT Template)

Key Agenda Timeline Illustration – 8 Sections

Slide Content

The slide represents an 8-section timeline designed for presenting key agenda items. Each section is represented by a different color and includes a space for a name and description. The timeline is visualized as a series of connected nodes, each numbered and aligned horizontally, indicating the sequence of the agenda items. The design element suggests clear separation of topics or events spread over time or sequence.

Graphical Look

  • A horizontal timeline spans the width of the slide.
  • Eight circular nodes, each with a unique number from 1 to 8, are evenly distributed along the timeline.
  • Each node is connected to a rectangular text box for entering section names and descriptions.
  • Color coding: Nodes are colored distinctly in purple, green, blue, or grey.
  • A pair of pictograms, a meeting and a key, are associated with the first and last sections, respectively.
  • The timeline and text boxes have a minimalistic design with bold lines.
  • The font is modern and sans-serif, suggesting a sleek, professional presentation style.

The slide exhibits a clean, modern look with a clear color-coded timeline. The use of space and minimalist iconography enhances the readability and aesthetic appeal.

Use Cases

  • Outlining the key points of a meeting or conference agenda.
  • Presenting a project timeline or milestone plan during a business update meeting.
  • Structuring a workshop or training session with clear sections or topics.
  • Visualizing the sequence of product development stages in an investor pitch presentation.

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