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IT trends radar with AI category details
from deck Business Trend Radar Charts for Market Analysis (PPT Template)

IT Trends Radar – AI category details

Slide Content:

The slide outlines the progression and adoption stages of various Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies within an organization. It categorizes them into Hold, Assess, Trial, and Adopt stages, presenting technologies like Predictive Analytics and Automated Decisions in the Hold stage; Conversational Interfaces and Smart Bots for assessment; Autonomous Vehicles in the trial phase; and Process Automation as adopted. This structured approach aids in understanding where each AI technology stands in terms of organizational readiness and integration.

Graphical Look:

  • A vertical, inverted triangle with a gradient of purple shades, segmented into four bands.
  • Each band is labeled with an adoption stage: Hold, Assess, Trial, Adopt.
  • Purple circular icons with white pictograms representing different AI technologies, corresponding to the adoption stages.
  • Icons include a graph for Predictive Analytics, speech bubbles for Conversational Interfaces, a smart device for Smart Bots, a car with Wi-Fi signals for Autonomous Vehicles, and a gear for Process Automation.
  • White text labels for each AI technology are adjacent to their respective icons.

The slide is visually cohesive with a color theme of purple, presenting the information in a clear, structured manner. The use of distinct icons for each AI technology allows for quick identification and understanding of the adoption stages.

Use Cases:

This slide is ideal for presentations in corporate strategy meetings, technology management discussions, AI implementation workshops, and innovation planning sessions. It provides a clear visual representation of the adoption lifecycle for AI technologies in a business context.

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