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Icon index for light background

Slide Content

The slide is titled "Icon index for light background" and features a collection of icons suitable for use on light backgrounds. Each icon is depicted within a dark blue circle and illustrates a variety of common office and computer-related tasks such as document handling, email communication, and data processing. These icons serve as visual shortcuts representing functions or information, ranging from file types (like PDF or video) to actions (like searching or sharing), promoting quick recognition and intuitive user interfaces.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is white.
  • The title of the slide is in a larger, bold font, colored dark blue, and is aligned to the left.
  • Below the title, a grid of icons is arranged.
  • Each icon is encased in a dark blue circular background.
  • Icons are designed in a simple, flat style, with white symbols for contrast.
  • The icons depict various symbols: documents, folders, email envelopes, magnifying glass (search), location pin, gear (settings), shield (security), and more.
  • The icons are organized in rows and columns, evenly spaced.

The slide has a clean, professional appearance with a focus on functionality. The uniform style of the icons ensures that they are easily recognizable and visually cohesive.

Use Cases

  • In software or website user interfaces to represent features or navigational elements.
  • In user manuals or help guides as a visual reference for different functions or steps.
  • In corporate presentations to visually summarize topics like communication protocols or data management.
  • In educational materials to aid in teaching about digital literacy and the use of various software tools.

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