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IoT technology drivers and barries comparison diagram with flat icons
from deck Internet of Things Presentation Diagrams (PPT Template)

IoT Technology Drivers and Barriers Comparison Template

Slide Content

The slide presents a comparison between the drivers and barriers of IoT (Internet of Things) technology. The drivers include "Large IoT Investments" which signifies significant financial resources being allocated to IoT development, "Low-cost sensors" referring to the increasingly affordable sensor technology aiding IoT proliferation, "High mobile adoption" which implies the widespread use of mobile devices that facilitate IoT connections, and "Expanded internet connectivity" depicting the growth in internet access required for IoT devices to function. The barriers listed are "Security concerns" highlighting the potential risks associated with IoT devices, "Privacy concerns" regarding the management and protection of user data, "Implementation issues" that involve challenges in deploying IoT solutions, and "Technological fragmentation" which points to the lack of standardization in IoT technologies.

Graphical Look

  • Two large circles with icons inside: a check mark on the left and an 'X' mark on the right, symbolizing the positive and negative factors respectively.
  • A cloud icon sits between the two circles, visually representing the concept of IoT.
  • Two rectangles, each with a header, are aligned with their corresponding circle, with "Drivers:" on the left and "Barriers:" on the right.
  • Four bullet points under each header, with ellipses indicating there are more points not displayed.
  • The rectangle on the left is shaded with a lighter color, providing a visual distinction from the one on the right.
  • The rectangle on the right has a complementary color scheme to the one on the left.

The slide has a balanced and symmetrical design, with visual cues (check mark and 'X' mark) that are easily interpreted. The graphics are minimalistic, yet effective in conveying the comparison between the positive and negative aspects of IoT.

Use Cases

  • Presenting in a business meeting to outline the pros and cons of adopting IoT technology.
  • Educating stakeholders or investors about the opportunities and challenges associated with IoT.
  • Using in training sessions to assist attendees in understanding the landscape of IoT.
  • Discussing strategies for IoT implementations, highlighting what should be leveraged and what obstacles need to be addressed.

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