Industries using IoT honeycomb diagram with flat icons
from deck Internet of Things Presentation Diagrams (PPT Template)

Industries Using IoT Slide Description:

The slide shows the diagram list of industries that use the IoT:

  • payments
  • energy production
  • retail
  • city management
  • security
  • automotive
  • home devices
  • housing
  • manufacturing
  • sport
  • agriculture
  • logistics
  • wearables
  • energy distribution

Each is represented with a dedicated icon, on the colored honeycomb shape. All colors, icons, and shapes are fully editable in PowerPoint.

Industries Using IoT Slide Contains:

honeycomb diagram, list, industries, colors, icons, energy production, retail, city management, security, automotive, home devices, housing, manufacturing, sport, agriculture, logistics, wearables, and energy distribution.

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