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Icons Set: Person, Workers, Exchange, Consumers, Developer, Client Support
from deck Internet of Things Presentation Diagrams (PPT Template)

Flat Icons Set – People

Slide Content

The PowerPoint slide titled "Flat Icons Set – People" presents an array of flat design icons representing different aspects of human-related subjects such as a single person, a group, and user interactions. These icons symbolize various concepts: a solo figure could represent an individual client or worker, a pair or group of people implies teamwork or consumer groups, a figure with arrows symbolizes exchange or interaction, and a head with gears indicates artificial intelligence or mental processes. The slide suggests that these icons are fully editable.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is a light shade of blue-gray, providing a neutral canvas for the icons.
  • There are seven icons arranged horizontally across the slide, each depicting a different aspect of human or user types.
  • The icons include a single person silhouette, two people silhouettes together, three people connected by arrows, a person in a circle, a person with a gear in the head symbol, a person in a suit with a laptop, and a person in a speech bubble.
  • A darker blue banner on the right side of the slide contains text in white that reads "Fully editable icons."
  • Each icon is labeled with small text beneath it conveying the concept it represents.
  • There is a highlighted circular icon in turquoise with a person silhouette on the right, implying a featured or selected icon.
  • A text box below it states that more icons are available and directs viewers to a website for more information.

The slide's overall look is clean and modern, with a focus on visual representation of the human element in various contexts. The use of flat design for the icons along with bright accent colors makes it visually appealing and easy to interpret at a glance.

Use Cases

  • In presentations about human resources, to visually represent different roles or departments within an organization.
  • During user experience (UX) design meetings, to illustrate different user personas or target audience segments.
  • Within sales and marketing pitches, to showcase customer demographics, client interaction, or consumer profiles.
  • In technology or AI-related presentations, to depict concepts like artificial intelligence, client support, and human-computer interaction.

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