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Plain text – single column
from deck Startup Presentation Template and Slide Deck (PPTX)


Slide Content

The slide is titled "PLAIN TEXT – SINGLE COLUMN" and appears to discuss the basic formatting of text content in a single column layout using placeholder text. The content includes a classic "Lorem ipsum" paragraph followed by three bullet points, each elaborating on a non-specific idea, with invented phrases that mimic standard written English, indicating how text might be formatted within a bullet point list.

Graphical Look

  • The background is purple with a gradient effect transitioning to a lighter shade towards the bottom.
  • The slide title is in uppercase white letters, left-aligned, and set against a yellow horizontal band that forms an underline.
  • There is a large body of placeholder text ("Lorem ipsum...") beneath the title in Roman-style white font, left-aligned, representing the main content area.
  • Three bullet points are aligned to the left, highlighted by rectangular icons in varying shades of blue, each followed by a block of placeholder text.
  • The bullet points are rectangular with soft corners, creating a sleek and modern look.

The overall look is clean and uncluttered, employing a simple color scheme that differentiates the slide title from the main content. The usage of icons and careful spacing ensures readability and visual appeal.

Use Cases

  • Presenting sections of a report or document in a clear format during a business meeting.
  • Summarizing important points in an educational or training presentation.
  • Unveiling step-by-step plans or processes to team members in project management settings.
  • Showcasing product features or service benefits in a sales pitch or marketing presentation.

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