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Individual Development Process Steps - Individual Development Planning PowerPoint Graphic Presentation
from deck HR Talent Management Presentation PowerPoint Template with Graphics

Slide content:

Infographic Slide with Individual Development Process Steps from the Talent Management HR Diagrams PowerPoint Template Presentation library. The steps in the individual development plan process are the following: Rating, Self-Description, Long-Term, Short-Term Goals, Status, Learning, Self Evaluation, and Priority analysis.

Graphics description:

Circle Diagram Infographics, Dark Theme Background, Candlestick Chart Icon, Notebook Icon, Chess Piece Icon, Goal Icon, Checklist Icon, Lightbulb Icon, Idea Icon, Self Evaluation Icon, Dotted Line Vector, Flat Icon, Roadmap Icon Vector, Bullet Points, Colorful Infographic Vectors, Flat Style Outline Icon, Filled Flat Circle Icon

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